Industrial Lock & Security is your One-Stop Security Shopping Solution

In these troubled times, you can't let just anybody walk in off the streets and have full access to your complex or facility. You have to retain control of your property and provide safety for the people inside, but you don't want getting in to be such an ordeal that people dread walking up to your door. So what do you do? Call Industrial Lock & Security for help.

We can recommend an access control system that accommodates your needs and fits your budget. From stand-alone digital keypads and proximity readers to buzzer/videophone entry systems and CCTV, Industrial Lock & Security is your one-stop security shopping solution. Electric strikes, exit alarms, electromagnetic locks, and audit trail systems are just a few of the numerous security measures we provide for our clients.

Want something a little simpler? Just upgrading your current hardware to high-security locking cylinders can provide key control that eliminates unauthorized key duplication. If you have a high turnover of employees, you may want to consider switching to interchangeable (IC) cores for a quick key change. IC cores are also extremely convenient for use in Herculite (thick, solid glass) doors. No more paying for two-man time to pull the doors down just to rekey the locks at the bottom.

We've helped thousands of people over the last 39 years and we can help you too! And don’t stop thinking about us just yet… Industrial Lock & Security is your residential specialist as well. Check out the residential pages here on our website and don’t forget to take our Online Security Quiz!

We take our job seriously… your security is our business!

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